Important Notices - Information - Proposed Ordinances

Lake Closure

Due to the Clean Flo Aeration Project to help increase the depth and water quality of Lake Harmony

The aeration process will continue throughout the winter months and will reduce the amount of ice

that will form in and around the bubblers on the lake causing dangerous thin ice for fisherman,

skaters and anyone venturing onto the lake

Access points will be posted


2019 Trash Bills

2019 Trash Bills will be due February 15th, 2019


Cost is $185.00 per unit. A 10% penalty will be added to payments received after the due date.


In accordance with Kidder Township Code Chapter 146, Article II, (Ordinance No. 77)  

§146-10 Every person, firm, association or corporation producing or capable of producing garbage, rubbish, or ashes, or being responsible for disposal or existence of such garbage, rubbish or ashes, or from whom such garbage, rubbish or ashes are removed, or being the owner of any premises on which garbage, rubbish or ashes is in existence or is produced, or capable of being produced, and which such accumulations would require removal, shall pay and be subject to fees for such services as shall be established, from time to time, by resolution of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Kidder in such classifications as the Township of Kidder Board of Supervisors may deem necessary and appropriate.


This and more information on Trash can be found by clicking E-Codes at the top of your screen.

If you have any questions about your 2018 Trash Bill please call our office at 570-722-0107.

The Kidder Township Stormwater Concept Plan 

identifies existing stormwater problems that are currently affecting the existing roads, culverts, bridges and stormwater conveyance systems as well as identifying areas where erosion and sediment enter the various lakes and streams throughout the Township. This is a summary and provides recommendations for the rehabilitation, replacement or reconstruction of bridges, culverts, swales, storm sewers and roads. The plan is available for anyone to view at the municipal office.


Ordinance No. 172 Address Numbering

explains the guidelines for the 911 address signs. Download below.

Order Forms

for 911 addressing signs are available to download below and print for residents to purchase from the local volunteer fire departments.


Lake Harmony Residents



Lake Harmony Watershed Preservation Group (LHWPG)


The Goal of the LHWPG is to improve and maintain the

integrity of the Lake Harmony Watershed.


For information on the CLEAN FLO project click here


visit their website at



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