Zoning & Building


For new home construction and commercial construction Kidder Township is contracted with Building Inspection Underwriters of Pennsylvania, Inc. to provide services such as review of plans and other construction documents, inspect construction, plumbing and mechanical inspections. Please be advised that BIU will not commence work on building permits until Kidder Township has first issued a zoning permit authorizing such work and shall not take any action until all fees are paid and all required documents are properly submitted.

For more information please call the Township office at 570-722-8179

Kidder Township Ordinances – Zoning & SALDO Regulations

(Please note that the Township is in the process of updating its Zoning & SALDO)

Kidder Codes

Kidder Township Zoning Map 1.06 MB 511 downloads


    Permits You Can Print

    You can print the various permits you need from here. These are PDF files can be opened right from our website and printed. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it from the link below: 

    2018 PERMIT FEES 467.14 KB 619 downloads


    Building Permit Application 106.54 KB 1228 downloads


    Contractor's License Application 20.23 KB 773 downloads


    Occupancy Permit Application Form 177.10 KB 1801 downloads


    Special Events Permit Application 38.09 KB 103 downloads


    Tree Preservation Ordinance Permit Application 41.28 KB 681 downloads

    Tree Preservation Permit must be submitted for approval when removing/cutting trees...

    Workman's Comp. Insurance Form 260.63 KB 772 downloads



    Please note: These documents are meant to be printed and filled in by hand. Any attempt to complete using the computer will destroy the format and render the form useless. Please open, print and then complete by hand. Thank You. 

    If you have any questions, please email us at the following email addresses: Sewer: kidder_clerk@pa.metrocast.net Building/Zoning/Planning: kidder.planning@pa.metrocast.net

    Zoning Hearing Board

    Meetings held the last Monday of every month when there are variances/special exceptions to be reviewed.

    Dr. Richard Hubert – Chairman
    Mr. William Behret – Secretary
    Mr. Stanley Spolowich – Vice Chairman
    Ms. Laurie Harris
    Mr. Peter Ginopolas
    Ms. Christine Lindsey – Secretary to the Zoning Hearing Board
    Ms. Cynthia S. Yurchak – Attorney for the Zoning Hearing Board



    There will be a Zoning Hearing Board Meeting on September 24, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.